Today you have the opportunity to improve and save the lives of San Diego Veterans.

Your donation will fund research conducted by prize winning scientists within the San Diego health care system. With your gift, these dedicated scientists, doctors and educators will seek better treatments and develop effective programs addressing the critical needs of the existing and increasing veteran population. What better organization to invest in than a healthcare system providing care to the largest military population in the country?

As you’re keenly aware, the daily lives of many veterans and their families have been dramatically altered by the effects of recent and past wars. Returning home with TBI & PTSD or without a limb was part of the risk — yes, and for many, injury is now reality. With your participation, the quality of veterans’ lives will be enhanced. And for aging veterans, with their increased likelihood of heart disease and diabetes, your investment will bring researchers and educators to them through outreach and technology.

Government funding doesn’t come close. Your gift closes the gap between government funding and real dollars needed for this innovative lifesaving research and life enhancing programs. Invest in brightening the future of local veterans.

Other Ways We Support Our Veterans
 The VRA booth at "Salute To Veterans Day" at the San Diego Polo Club on September 4, 2016


 AUGUST 2016
On August 29th Philanthropist, Denny Sanford, presents VRA Executive Steve Lewandowski with a checheck to be used to support PTSD.

On Tuesday, August 23, 2016, VRA President, Todd Leigh of the Procopio law firm, VRA board member Dave Guebert from Sempra Energy and VRA Executive Director Steve Lewandowski received a $5,000 check from Phyllis King representing the De Anza Chapter of the AT&T Pioneers. The money will be used to fund an existing program treating veterans and their families that suffer from living with PTSD.
JUNE 2016
The VRA purchased and donated to a researcher at VA San Diego Healthcare System the equipment to support a study to exam the effects of cognitive rehabilitation in the veteran population. The equipment will make it possible to use cutting-edge technology to track eye movements as a marker of attention before and after the cognitive rehabilitation sessions. The ultimate goal of the research is to reduce homelessness among veterans. For more information contact the VA San Diego Associate Chief of Staff, Research and Development, Gery Schulteis, PhD at (858) 552-8585, ext. 3657.

Give today. Thank you.

Returning Home is Complex

For many of our nation’s heroes, the war isn’t over just because they come home. Veterans are facing more health-related issues today than ever before. Many times their health problems are related to military service. Below are just a few of the complex health issues San Diego County Veterans are facing today.


Every day 22 veterans are lost to suicide – many of them as a direct result of TBI and/or PTSD. That’s more than 8,000 per year.


Nearly 1.5 million veterans sought prosthetics, sensory aids and related services from the VA over a recent one-year period.


Numerous studies have shown that military veterans have a substantially increased risk for cardiovascular diseases.


Nearly 1 in 4 veterans who receive care from the VA have diabetes. This is a higher rate of incidence than in the civilian population.