Veterans Research Alliance

The Veterans Research Alliance (VRA) was formed to serve as an independent non-profit organization charged to raise critically needed private sector funds to supplement government grants. These funds fuel innovative, life-saving research and educational programs in San Diego.

Funds raised by the VRA stay in San Diego for our Veterans

Government funding moves research forward but only partially and not fast enough. To get us there sooner, the VRA is intent on closing the financial gap by partnering with private enterprise, non-profit organizations and private citizens.

Nationally the VA’s medical and clinical research programs are among the finest in the areas of PTSD, TBI, prosthetics, spinal cord injury, blindness and hearing loss. Five distinguished researchers at the VA La Jolla facility have earned the prestigious national Middleton Award for outstanding achievement in biomedical or behavioral research. The VRA is committed to raising funds for research affecting the lives of our veterans, their families, our communities – and our nation.

The Veterans Research Alliance is in the field to secure critically needed funds for our veterans in critical need.

Mission Statment

“The Veterans Research Alliance’s mission is to fund innovative, life-saving research that leads to increased health improvements and long-term medical cures for one of the largest veteran populations in the country.”